Four Trees - Hertfordshire

Four Trees is a Grade II Listed House and two-acre estate in Hertfordshire, where the garden needed sensitive upgrading to accommodate the needs of a young family while not detracting from its prestige.

Works included a new patio area and pool and terracing of the lawns closest to the house to create practical areas for play, but also offer complementing views from the house.
Low retaining walls were clad in a tumbled clay paviors similar to those used as a feature within the grey sandstone paving.A Large Oak Pergola provides a large dining area close to the house, with Trachelospurmum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) climbers set to create a lush green cover.

Pleached Hornbeams between the pool and lawn create a strong vista from the house providing privacy from above but allowing views through at ground level, maintaining an overall open feel to the garden. Planting has been selected to create strong borders with shrubs including varieties of Hydrangeas, while a cottage garden palette complements the house and overall scale and style.

The crisp clean lines will soften as the planting takes hold, ensuring the garden in the near future, maintains a clear sense of structure while bursting with seasonal colour and interest creating a lush garden for generations to come.