Newlands - Hertfordshire

It is not often we are asked to create a front garden with a water feature, but this client was seeking an entrance that would leave a lasting impression on guests and visitors.

Our concept centres on a raised rill with cascading water either side, into a pool with raised stepping stones that form the main entrance to the residence. These shallow rills are then articulated with large Atelier Vierkant clay pots acting almost as sentry’s, with ornamental planting creating a backdrop including a Parrotia Persica multi-stem trees set to one side and a caterpillar hedge and feature ballsĀ  of Osmanthus x Burkwoodii.

We created new entrances onto the driveway making a more easily navigable drive for our clients vehicles, also adding a pedestrian entrance. An organically shaped Yew hedge provides privacy at lower level with the introduction on 5no. mature Prunus Lusitanica trees, some reaching 6m high providing a high degree of evergreen seclusion from surrounding neighbours.